3 eventful and relaxing days - Zagorje and Zagreb

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend without stress, too much planning, or lots of activities, we suggest you enjoy a carefree exploration of Zagreb and spice up your stay with a quick trip to the thermal springs in Zagorje. Even if you arrive in Zagreb without an itinerary, here are some of the things you can always do.

  1. Walking in the streets of Zagreb

If you find yourself in the Zagreb city center, whichever direction you head in, you will find something new and interesting. If you head west, towards the Zrinjevac park, enjoy its delights, good vibes, and events, and make the Esplanade Hotel your destination because this art deco splendor was built in all its glory in 1925 for the passengers of the famous Orient Express. If you head towards Tkalčićeva Street, you will be tempted by all the terraces of the cafes and restaurants, so make sure you treat yourself with some štrukli.

  1. Visit unusual museums

You can satisfy your curiosity by visiting the two museums that have spread their story in other cities after having successfully delighted the citizens of Zagreb. Museum of Illusions takes you through attractive and fun illusions where you will learn more about sight, perception, brain and science. Museum of Broken Relationships is another innovative museum worth the visit. Walk over to Gradec and take a look at the personal items of ex-lovers accompanied by a story that explains them in more detail, and a beautiful view overlooking the city is a nice bonus.

  1. Pamper yourself with a trip to Zagorje

You can top your relaxed weekend spent discovering Zagreb with a trip to Zagorje. After a forty-minute ride, you will find yourself in a Zagorje fairytale where thermal springs play the main role. You can relax in these thermal baths for several hours and rest your feet, tired from walking through Zagreb's museums and streets. Terme Jezerčica, Terme Tuhelj and Aquae Vivae are at your disposal.

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