Following the gastronomic footsteps of Zagreb and Zagorje

You have arrived at your vacation destination - Zagreb, your itinerary is more or less set, but you would love to taste the flavors of the Zagreb and Zagorje region. We recommend you take a several-day visit of Zagreb and from there you can go on excursions to Zagorje. Below you can find several locations where you can try the local cuisine.

Vuglec Breg is located in Krapina and it offers recipes of traditional Zagorje cuisine. This restaurant is keeping the tradition of a typical Zagreb village alive which can be seen in the smallest of details. In addition to learning more about the traditional flavors, you can also find out more about the way of life and the interior of houses in which some of the elders from Zagorje still live today. The restaurant gets its groceries from local family farms, while the wines are from its own winery.

Zagorje is full of hills and hilltops that provide breathtaking views. One of these hilltops is a place where gourmets and wine lovers come to fulfill their wishes. Vinski vrh Bolfan, located in the Hrašćina municipality, is a place where you will be introduced to local cuisine prepared in a modern way, and for every dish, the hosts will suggest a homemade wine from the Bolfan winery. You may even find a souvenir in their wine shop.  

Lunch in the Zelenjak valley at the Zelenjak Ventek excursion site is a real treat for the eyes, soul and palate. Zelenjak has earned its place on the list of the 100 best Croatian restaurants a few times in a row. In addition to local cuisine, it also offers wellness where you can relax in a hot tub or a sauna.

You can try local cold cuts, cheese, cream, cornbread, turkey with mlinci, štrukli and similar delicacies in the Grešna gorica restaurant located in a rural environment. In addition to enjoying the food, visitors can enjoy the green meadows and vineyards surrounding them as they explore a rhapsody of flavors.

Search for numerous food items and flavors on Dolac in Zagreb. This colorful place famous for its red parasols is located north of the main city square and contains local products from all over Croatia.

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