Homemade from Zagorje - a cuisine you must not miss

With a host of activities and locations that invite you to explore, Zagorje is a destination that can make its explorers eager for some good food. Thermal baths, walks to natural beauties and cultural landmarks such as castles are ideas that require energy consumption and, quite logically, cause hunger. The people of Zagorje know their region and way of life, so they have rich, often high-calory authentic dishes in their offer that will sate even the hungriest member of the team. The fact that local products are used in the preparation of specialties from Zagorje is what gives the cuisine extra value. What are the specialties of Zagorje? Roast turkey with mlinci is definitely number one, often occupying the center of the holiday table in Zagorje. It is followed by Zagorski štrukli, which are characterized by their simplicity, and yet magnificent flavours, and they do well in the role of appetizers, main course and dessert. While there is probably no restaurant that does not offer Zagorski štrukli, the soup Zagorska juha, with such ingredients as mushrooms, potatoes and bacon in different variations is also often on the list of traditional dishes in Zagorje. The true snack of Zagorje that is worth taking home is pork cracklings. They can be eaten with bread or as an addition to other dishes, they go especially well with onions, but they are also enough on their own. Trying fresh homemade cheese with sour cream and zlevanka is definitely an opportunity worth taking during your stay in Zagorje, and fine Zagorje wines go best with the Zagorje cuisine.

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